Command Description
!shop Use the command !shop inside the game to receive your items.


Command Description
!unjustkills Shows the amount and time of the Frags.
!unjustkillsinfo Shows the amount and time of the Frags with more details
!tasks Check your current Task.
!hunt Kill the players that are HUNTED. Check the list in: (Click here).
!outfit The leader of the guild can use this command to change all the outfits of his team.
!loot on/off Message of loot on screen.
!bosses Check the time of each Daily Boss
!guild !guild invite, NICK | !guild revoke, NICK | !guild remove, NICK | !guild accept, NICK | !guild reject, NICK | !guild leave, NICK


Command Description
!buyhouse Command used to buy houses. You should be in front of the door to execute the command.
!sellhouse Run this command to sell your house to another player, you must be inside the house and the buyer at your side. Example: !sellhouse"Player name".
!leavehouse Run this command to leave your home.
alana sio "Character Name" Teleport to outside

Boats and Carpet

Command Description
bring me to CITY Go to any city and avoid queues.
kick me out Traps? Take care with this command!
Char Bazaar
Sell and buy characters