Added Infernal Bolt. (...
  • Added Infernal Bolt. (You need get Soul Orbs on Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Dark Torturer, Defiler, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Fury, Ghastly Dragon , Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Juggernaut, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Plaguesmith and Spectre.) and trade for Infernal Bolts at the NPC: Sweaty Cyclops).
  • Say: Hi, Infernal Bolt, quantity of orbs, yes!
Fixed the Ghastly Drag...
  • Fixed the Ghastly Dragons respawn on Famine. Now you can hunt there!
  • Fixed some rope spots and details on Famine Map.
  • Fixed some walls on Yalahar that was bug with containers.
Added Items (Lizard Tr...
  1. Added Items (Lizard Trophy and Albino Leather) on Rashid.
Added Items (Demonic E...
  • Added Items (Demonic Essence, Frozen Shield, Beholder Helmet, War Horn and Spellweaver's Robe) on Rashid.
  • Added Item (Scarab Coins) on Tesha Ankrahmun.
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